Know more about Iontophoresis


It is a known fact that every single one of us human beings tend to sweat, most especially if we live in warmer locations or we conduct physical work outs, and sometimes we just randomly sweat with no apparent reason as well. Sweating is a natural occurrence and the main fact of the matter is that sweating is highly important to our body health as well. This is because sweating can help maintain our bodies temperature by letting us cool down, like for example, if ever we are currently having a hot climate we would more than likely sweat, but that sweat will get evaporated and can grant us a feeling of coolness and satisfaction every time.

Even though sweating may indeed have an important role to play, excessive sweating can most of the time lead to other related issues as well, and the main fact of the issue is that we really do not want to sweat a lot in inappropriate places in the first place. The most common case of Sweaty hands is that they usually have sweaty hands or armpits, which can be an embarrassing sight most of the time. There are some cases where people also tend to sweat from what is mostly caused by other medical or health related conditions, such as hyperthyroidism and hyperhidrosis, which is basically a type of condition of which people can experience excessive sweating for no reason at all. Fortunately, there is actually a good treatment method to relieve any symptoms of this disorder which is called Iontophoresis.

Iontophoresis is the best method to treat people with excessive sweating or hyperthyroidism. This treatment method is making use of electric currents applied through the skin of the patient to enclose sweat glands in order for them to sweat lesser than before. It is extremely safe since it only send mild electrical currents through the water and into the skin and would not really electric shock you but will only feel like you got pinched a little bit. Iontophoresis is not a one time Sweaty hands treatment process, most especially if you have hyperhidrosis since it can sometimes take plenty of sessions before you can notice the changes that you want to see.

It is also important that you disclose to your doctor whether you have a heart condition, has ever since been using a peacemaker, epileptic or pregnant, due to the fact that Iontophoresis may not be applicable for you. If you want to learn more about Iontophoresis, you can visit .